How can you bond with your pup?

Who doesn’t want to have a strong bond with their puppy? It should be everyone’s goal. The love usually develops naturally but the bond takes time and patience. So we’re giving you some tips on how to have a stronger bond with your pup.

10 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog This Summer

Thinking of spicing up the games you play with your dog? Just like us, dogs can get bored of doing the same thing over and over again that’s why we put together a list of interesting games that you and your dog will enjoy.

Ways to Appreciate Your Pet this Week

Pet appreciation week is the first full week in June. To celebrate, you can show them how much you appreciate them in a variety of ways. We’ve put together some ideas on how you could show your love to your loyal friend since all pets are valued members of the family.

What makes puppies so expensive?

What makes puppies so expensive?

As a novice dog owner, the amount a breeder asks for a puppy can sound shocking at first. Especially when one sees that some people advertise the same puppy at a fraction of that price. But is that really the case?

Good schools educate the owner

It’s easy to get confused by all the options that come up when searching for a dog school, since even smaller towns tend to have more than one of them. It may be worth visiting them all and getting to know the trainers and their programmes up close. But how can you decide which is the ideal place?

How to get your dog accustomed to fireworks

How to get your dog accustomed to fireworks

For us humans, New Year’s Eve is about farewells to the events of the past year and welcoming in the New Year. We enjoy these celebrations but there’s no doubt that many dogs and other animals wish they could escape to a much calmer and quieter place. While we humans appreciate the visuals of fireworks, animals do not understand the noise that comes with such displays.

Christmas Doggy Happiness

Christmas Doggy Happiness: Why You Should Buy Your Dog A Holiday Gift

Hungary is one of the most dog-friendly places in Europe, according to Gigi of The Ramble. So it isn’t surprising that a lot of dog owners are showering their pets with toys. With the holidays coming up soon, it’s time to consider what sort of presents are ideal. To that end, how do you figure out what sort of gift is best for your dog?

World Champion Smile

World Champion Smile

In the 25th IRO Rescue Dog World Championship, Bea Belényi and Zen won the title with an incredible performance. Standing on the podium wasn’t exactly new to her; this was the second time she got to stand on it since Bea already took the second place two years ago. How did her journey lead her to this?