I started to add color to our dog harnesses 25 years ago, because many service dog associations requested harnesses in their own colors for their daily work. It was not only the fact that they spare the neck and throat that made our harnesses superior to the previously used collars, but thanks to the saddle part, the surface area that could be colored increased. The dogs’ attires have become extravagant in the everyday hustle and bustle. It became clear to all observers that a dog was working there, helping a man.

Nowadays it is natural that dog harnesses are colorful. We have also evolved accordingly. An old dream came true when we were finally able to print in-house the different colors of our dog harnesses on Oeko-Tex fabrics. Whether it’s a chest harness or a Y-harness, our favorite attires can follow the current human color trend. A dog and its owner dressed in matching outfit suggests to us that the relationship between them is a very special one. What’s more! The dog-human relationship is a social value. We want to express this with all our actions.