Gyula “Julius” Sebő

Entrepreneur, inventor – creator of the Julius-K9® brand, writer, musician.

  • The inventor of K9-harnesses (harnesses with hook & loop patches)
  • 1990-1994 – Member of the trainers’ group of the Rottweiler Club
  • 1994-1998 – Member of the trainers’ group of the Austrian Association for German Shepherd Dogs in Vienna (SVÖ)
  • 1996-2000 – Saddler trainee at Neizer harness maker workshop

Anikó Bakos

As the wife of Gyula “Julius” Sebő, she was the mainstay of her husband for a long time. Since 2007 she has been working as a manager in the company.

From 1990 to 1997 they lived in Austria, where Gyula worked as a dog trainer and where they began doing market research.

By 1997 they were able to successfully raise enough capital to start the company. At that time the company used a 15m² garage which served as a warehouse. All of revenues were invested in the development of the company. Their first major breakthrough was attributed to the outstanding results which they had achieved with several dog units in Austria, and eventually gained popularity in other countries around Europe.

In 2003 the unique and novel K9 dog harness enjoyed major success at the World Dog Show in Dortmund. The first patches for dog harnesses were made during a joint brainstorming session. The Macho, Sexmachine and Powergirls patches are still popular today.

Why our name is Julius-K9?

Julius: German version of the Christian name of Sebő Gyula, who is one of the owners and the inventor of the products
K9: Julius Sebő got his first dog at 9 Kele Street, and the address of the company’s first premise in Vienna also contained number 9 (Langobarden Str. 9.)

Who is JULIUS?

I have dedicated my whole life to pet welfare innovations. In my eyes dog ownership is about caring and taking responsibility. In return, dogs bring joy into our lives. It is no surprise that the value of time spent with their pets has significantly grown in the eyes of dog owners. 25 years ago we recognised the necessity of designing gear that will enable owners to spend the most time possible with their dog. This is how the dog harness came in to being, which sends the following message: Go together. And do so every day. This is the lifestyle we became pioneers in with the Powerharness.

The dog’s message on our harnesses has reached hundreds of millions

Over two decades ago we opened a previously unknown communication channel between dogs and society with our interchangeable custom patches. Since then our messages have travelled the world, calling attention to the prominent role of dogs in both families and the world.

Local production is sustainable

For us environmental awareness starts with using European materials and employing European labour in our high-quality production. We believe that by maintaining control over the production of textiles, straps, metal and plastic parts, it is feasible to offer dogs a product for that will last them a lifetime.

Gyula “Julius” Sebő
Founder of JULIUS-K9


  • The JULIUS-K9® dog food collection is increasingly successful on the shelves of small and large stores.
  • The development of Jk9 animal vitamins continues.
  • The production and logistics system of JULIUS-K9® met the requirements of ISO 9001.
  • We launched the high-tech plastic programme in the name of recycling and the highest build quality. Thus, we replaced many metal components with plastic ones.
  • A new development began: a dog harness supporting the treatment of cancerous tumours.
  • The first two pieces of the Speed dog harness collection for extreme hikers and athletes came into being
  • In JK9’s new textile printing house, dog harnesses with colours and patterns that meet the unique wishes of customers were produced.
  • Harnesses and leashes with the Paw Patrol cartoon characters were born so that even the youngest dog owners can enjoy walking their dogs.
  • During the scientific tests of the super sensitive Longwalk dog harness, the positive effects on the dog’s nervous system became evident.
  • The company introduced a 4-day work week so that employees could spend more time with their families and dogs.
  • Production of JULIUS-K9® dog beds has begun under a new license agreement.
  • The award-winning 3in1 multifunctional dog vest is renewed, the JK9®Multivest now has four functions.
  • There were further successful product listings on the American market.
  • Company founder Anikó Bakos is doing outstanding shelter work in the area of animal protection, and the number of adopted dogs continued to increase.
  • Gyula Sebő gives lectures at company founding universities and entrepreneurial forums, helping young people to start their careers and supporting the efficient operation of businesses.
  • With the licensing of the JULIUS-K9® brand, further expansion of the high-quality JULIUS-K9® product range is expected in 2023.


  • The Ebárvaház Nonprofit Association, founded in 2013, whose main supporter is JULIUS-K9®, rescued 82 homeless dogs and placed them with families this year.
  • The development of the new harnesses and toys to be introduced in 2022 entered the final stage.
  • With the creation of the asset management foundation, we laid the foundation for the generational change in the history of JULIUS-K9®.
  • The IDC®Longwalk super sensitive dog harness was awarded at the German Innovation Award and also won a British innovation award.
  • The Longwalk dog harness became the most joint-friendly dog harness at the British LUXlife Pet Product & Services 2021 Awards.
  • Introduction of automated machine lines in production in addition to traditional processes
  • Interview with Gyula Sebő in the American Newsweek magazine about JULIUS-K9® innovations.
  • A positive ruling in the EU Tribunal case for the word mark “K-9” in favour of our company.


  • The Ebárvaház Nonprofit Association, established in 2013, whose main supporter is JULIUS-K9®, rescued 88 homeless dogs and placed them with families this year.
  • On 9 July, we published the renewed JK9 logo of our company.
  • The extremely light IDC®Powair dog harness was launched.
  • Longwalk dog harness lasting test in several countries with the participation of 700 professional and hobby dogs.
  • A Powerhám copy won a Plagilarius award in Germany.
  • The IDC®Longwalk dog harness received the German Design Award.


  • The Ebárvaház Nonprofit Association, founded in 2013, whose main supporter is JULIUS-K9®, rescued 77 stray dogs and placed them with families this year.
  • The Austrian animal protection authority found the K9®Powerharness, the IDC®Powerharness and the IDC®Longwalk dog harness to be comfortable.
  • Gyula Sebő, the founder of our company, was voted Businessman of the Year by EY.
  • The head of our company, Gyula Sebő, gave a lecture at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on world brand building, global trade and logistics.
  • Progress against product copycats – we participated in a coordinated European industrial law protection operation with the authorities
  • Interview with Gyula Sebő in Forbes magazine about the history and future of JULIUS-K9®, and with Anikó Bakos, co-owner of the company group and founder of Ebárvaház, about the activities of the animal shelter
  • The new JULIUS-K9® product, the IDC®Longwalk dog harness, won a Red Dot award
  • JULIUS-K9®, with its 500 employees, becomes be the largest dog equipment manufacturer in the EU.
  • JULIUS-K9® was the only Hungarian company to actively support the international law enforcement operation against counterfeit products codenamed “Operation Aphrodite” under the supervision of EUROPOL.


  • The Ebárvaház Nonprofit Association, founded in 2013, whose main supporter is JULIUS-K9®, rescued 80 homeless dogs and placed them with families this year.
  • Participation in the conference of Europol and anti-counterfeiting authorities in Budapest


  • 2017 is the year of improvements. International presentation of Duo-Flex® dog harnesses.
  • JULIUS-K9® launches active and successful campaigns against counterfeits.
  • The individually developed mantrailing/outdoor harness of the Budapest Mantrailing Academy and JULIUS-K9® is ready, which is also to be tested in live deployments.
  • The company’s 20th anniversary.
  • Handover of the new office building of approximately 2,700 m² in May, establishment of centralized storage and trade.


  • More colours than ever appeared in the palette of IDC® dog harnesses.
  • Introduction of the “CANIS” product line – dog harnesses with very colourful, very cheerful graphics.
  • T-shirts with puppy graphics.
  • Neon coloured dog harnesses for visibility.
  • Creation of an online trade team to facilitate trade on Amazon.
  • The Stealth® dog harness, specially developed for the needs of armed forces, was introduced in black, neon and military green.


  • The IDC® 3in1 multifunctional vest wins the Pet Business Industry Recognition Award in the United States.


  • JULIUS-K9® wins trademark proceedings against Rocket Dog (California).
  • JULIUS-K9® managers and volunteer assistants found their own animal rescue and rehabilitation association.
  • Educational cooperation is started with several professional associations, with the aim of job creation and student training.
  • JULIUS-K9® declares 2014 the year of the children. National drawing competition, dog shows for children promoting responsible animal husbandry.
  • The world’s first international JULIUS-K9® rescue dog championship will be held.
  • The North American subsidiary, JULIUS-K9® LLC, was established in Tampa (Florida) for commercial and trademark rights.
  • The 1,700-pallet warehouse, which also serves American export tasks, was handed over in the EU.
  • The one millionth dog harness, the JULIUS-K9®, with Velcro chest belt and side label improvements, is on sale.


  • The IDC® multifunctional dog vest innovation opens up a new field for JULIUS-K9®.
  • Animal protection foundations receive direct and indirect support, and long-term work begins with several Hungarian and German animal protection organizations.
  • The previously registered JULIUS-K9® and IDC® brand names are under trademark protection in about 50 countries around the world.
  • The world’s first universal hook and loop fastened small bags, which can be attached to the dog handler and the dog harness, are launched.
  • Company managers establish World Companion Animal Day, which falls on 20 June every year.


  • Sales also increase in African, Arab, South and Central American countries.
  • Projects are launched to support and promote responsible dog ownership, sterilization and adoption.
  • The IDC®, JULIUS-K9®, and K-9 Units brand names are announced and accepted in all the countries of the world that are significant in terms of population and/or economy.
  • JULIUS-K9® starts to pursue an exemplary branding strategy in its markets.
  • Production of IDC® Lumino straps begins based on patented plastic industry technologies. The workforce is expanding and continues to develop, while the K9 factory near the company’s headquarters is renovated.
  • Development of medicinal mattresses combined with herbs.


  • JULIUS-K9® brand representation already operates in 21 countries around the world.
  • JULIUS-K9® is growing into one of Europe’s largest dog equipment brands.
  • The Cologne Supreme Court bans the sale of the most common dog harness, marketed under the name “DOXLOCK”, in its competition law ruling for the entire territory of Germany.
  • JULIUS-K9® takes part in animal protection and humanitarian projects both domestically and abroad. The company helps the canine police units to survive, shoots documentaries and participates in TV shows.
  • Within the framework of IDC® innovation, unique developments continue and the product range is expanded.
  • The largest suppliers of goods in Western Europe include the JULIUS-K9® product categories in their programme.
  • The owner of JULIUS-K9® protects almost 50 technical solutions in Hungarian and foreign patent offices. This makes JULIUS-K9 the largest manufacturer of dog equipment with the most patented innovations on the world market.


  • JULIUS-K9® develops its new product group under the brand name IDC® Powerharness (Innova Dog Comfort).
  • The rate of use of German raw materials in Julius-K9® products increases to 70%, while the production capacity increases rapidly.
  • IDC® dog harnesses are presented for the first time at the Dortmund dog show.
  • The distribution of K9 Powerharnesses developed in 1997 in Germany is entrusted by JULIUS-K9® to one of the world’s largest wholesalers, TRIXIE.


  • JULIUS-K9® dog harness won first place in the testing of independent professional dog trainers commissioned by WDR (Germany) Television.
  • JULIUS-K9® products are already copied in five Chinese factories and sold in Europe. To stop this, JULIUS-K9® takes legal action against several companies in several European countries and protects the latest developments through Patent Offices.
  • The side bag that can be attached to a dog harness becomes a licenced innovation.


  • After Vienna, wholesale warehouses were also established in St. Pölten and Düsseldorf.
  • European mass production resulted in exceptional product quality.


  • JULIUS-K9® Powerharnesses and other developments are also presented to an international audience (World Exhibition VDH/Dortmund).
  • “Talking dog harnesses”, i.e. K9 Powerharnesses, have become famous in Europe
  • Julius-K9® supplies almost all of Europe with its products. K9 products are delivered to individual specialist retailers through authorized wholesalers.
  • Julius-K9® regularly appears at various exhibitions and expos (Berlin, Munich, Erfurt, Dortmund, Friedrichshafen, Udine, Budapest) and at police product presentations.
  • The first Julius-K9® brand offices are established abroad.
  • JULIUS-K9® sponsors charitable causes and supports not only canine sports and animal protection, but also the work of special rescuers (RESCUE 24, Baptist Charity Service).


  • The dog training centres of the Austrian Ministry of the Interior in Strebensdorf and Bad Kreuzen, and then the Kaisersteinbruch military base, regularize several JULIUS-K9® products, including the K9 Powerharnesses.
  • JULIUS-K9® begins production and development of bullet and stab resistant equipment.
  • They were the first in the world to develop dog harnesses based on hook and loop systems.
  • After the world of service dogs, hook and loop fastened patches that can be attached to dog harnesses have also become a success among private dog owners.


  • The main users of JULIUS-K9® products were primarily police service dog units, military units and canine associations. HILAN, A.W. Barth, Friedrich Heindl, in addition to wholesalers, more and more retailers have joined the sales partners of JULIUS-K9®.


  • Establishment of the JULIUS-K9® company as a family business.
  • The first warehouse was a garage.
  • The first inquiries come from police units with service dogs.
  • The first products (muzzles, leashes, etc.) are delivered to Austrian companies and authorities.