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top performance

The design of the padding of the harness was inspired by the seats of sports cars. Its inner surface is lined with neoprene, which does not absorb moisture and is easy to clean. It is pleasant to wear in all seasons and conditions.


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Active dog,
active harness

If you love nature and going on adventures with your dog, the JK9®Speed was intended for you. This harness is the perfect choice if you want to run where others can barely walk.


and design
hand in hand

As the JK9 Speed is a short Y-shaped harness, it doesn’t bend back and turn sideways even if your dog prefers to run next to you. The harness’s German-made OEKO-TEX®-certified leashes can be adjusted at five points, so they can be completely tailored to your dog.


JK9®Speed Belt

The new JK9®Speed Belt fits the body well and is very comfortable to wear whether you are looking for an accessory for hobby-level running or hiking. Thanks to its design, it distributes the load and is gentle on the waist. Straps running between the legs ensure that the running belt stays in place and does not slide up or rotate sideways.


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Premium Jogging Leash

The robust, and, at the same time, comfortable Premium Jogging Leash is available in neon and red colour. It can be used effectively anywhere, be it for outdoor training, hiking or walking in the forest. The stretching rubberised leash, thanks to its heavy duty material, is resistant to environmental effects and dampens sudden pulls and other physical loads.


will able
to stop

Thanks to the sturdy handle on the back of the harness your pet will be able to pull you up steep slopes, but you’ll also be able to help them if they get into a sticky situation.
The carefully designed leash attachment ring can withstand any strain.

Attention! The shoulder straps of Y-harnesses, when adjusted too loosely, compress the shoulders during a gallop or pull, thereby impeding movement and reducing lung capacity. If the Y-harness is too small for the dog, it squeezes the neck, and the shoulder straps have a negative effect on breathing, oesophagus and neck veins. Please pay attention to the careful selection of the size and the adjustment of the harness.