The Hellodogs Flyball & Agility Team Sopron is growing with tremendous momentum, accumulating success after success at the domestic and international level. With its Color & Gray® product family, Julius-K9 has been contributing to the victories of the Sopron team. Now we asked the leader of the team, László Gulyás, why they opted for Julius-K9 equipment.
Firgi (jagd terrier) – member of the Hellodogs New Generation team – Owner: Kovács Viktória

JK9: Please tell us how Hellodogs Flyball & Agility Team Sopron got started.

GL: I created the Hellodogs Flyball Team in 2019 with only four people and one single dog. I had a team before that, but the real breakthrough was Hellodogs. We have been expanding dynamically over the years and now over 30 people and 40 dogs attend our training sessions.
This year we also started working with agility sports, where many talented owners and dogs have joined us.


JK9: Why specifically flyball out of all dog sports?

GL: I think it’s the best and most exciting dog sport, and the only one that can be practiced as a team. It’s exciting, gets the adrenaline going, and you need to struggle.
The best thing is to compete together with your dog in a team for one, two or even more days.
Here, the team’s result depends on the four dogs, the four handlers and the loader, so we have to fight together to win. And everyone has to give their 100% all for the team to be successful.
But this can’t be fully expressed with words, you have to experience it in order to fall in love with this sport.


JK9: What characterizes your team the most?

GL: Unity, the will to fight, humility and dedication.
We are a real cohesive bunch, where everyone helps each other. I think that a team cannot function properly without that. In addition, we are friends outside the course, which also definitely helps a lot!

Both Hellodogs Flyball Team teams won gold medals at the competition in June

JK9: How many events/competitions do you participate in on average per year?

GL: We have 6-7 competitions a year in Hungary and abroad, but we also try to promote this fantastic sport at presentations and various open day events.


JK9: What are your goals for this year’s season?

GL: Our successful year in 2022 will be hard to beat, but we’ll try! I think that if we can get podium positions in every competition – as we did last year – then we’ll be satisfied. Of course, the focus is on this year’s European Championship, where we wish to participate successfully.

Lara (Border Collie) – a pillar member of our Hellodogs Rockets team – Owner: Viktória Csitkovics

JK9: Which of your achievements are you most proud of and why?

GL: I am most proud of the fact that last year our teams consisted almost exclusively of novice owners and dogs, and yet they surpassed each other in the competitions. They showed a performance that many regular competitors would be proud of.
If I had to choose one, the one I would highlight is our competition in June, where both of our teams fought their way to the finals, triumphed there and won two gold medals. IT WAS A FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE!


JK9: Why did you choose the IDC® Color & Gray® harness for the sport of flyball?

GL: When I started doing flyball, almost everyone competed with harnesses, so there was no question about the choice.
It was a special pleasure that, thanks to Julius-K9, every member of our team was given a neon-coloured IDC® Color & Gray® belt harness as a gift, so we can run uniformly in these harnesses on the course.

Bless (Border Collie x Whippet) is a member of the rising generation of Hellodogs – Owner: László Gulyás

JK9: What feature do you like best about this harness?
GL: The harness gives the handlers stability in getting hold of the dog, which is very important in this sport, since tenths or even hundredths of a second can decide races.


JK9: Based on your experience, does the harness affect the dog’s movement during sprints and turns?
GL: Basically, it does not affect their movement; the best proof of this is that in the 2022 season, six of our dogs set individual records while running in this harness.


JK9: Can you use our harness during agility sports, and if so, how?
GL: Unfortunately, in agility, we cannot use the harness in the same way as in flyball, and the rules do not allow it during the competition.
However, the owners love Julius-K9’s leashes and collars, which they happily use during agility. Not to mention the JK9 DUOPLAY ball, which we can use as a reward in every sport.

Ubi (mix) A member of the rising generation of Hellodogs, whose favourite toy is the Duoplay ball – Owner: Edit Horváth

JK9: Are beginners welcome in your flyball/agility teams? If so, would you recommend this harness to them?
GL: Of course, we welcome applicants for both sports, because there is nothing more wonderful than when we can do sports together with our dogs. Along with agility, flyball is becoming more and more popular in Hungary, which encourages more and more people to try these sports. We wholeheartedly recommend not only the IDC® Color & Gray® harness, but all Julius-K9 products to everyone who joins us.

Shelby (Border Collie) – will start competing in the team this year – Owner: Dorottya Czinder

Thank you very much for the detailed interview and we wish the Helldogs Flyball & Agility Team Sopron much success in the future.


March 2023