Managing Your Dog’s Allergies Everyday

Around 10% of dogs have allergies, ranging from intolerances to certain types of food to seasonal allergies. These allergies are just as irritating to your dog as they would be to you, so it’s important that you help to manage their condition.

Home office means a big change for your dog

The coronavirus pandemic is raging around the world. There are many, many people working from home at the moment, and this has a major impact on your pet’s everyday life, especially if your dog has always stayed at home before while you went to work.

What can dogs from shelters offer us?

What can dogs from shelters offer us?

I think it would be very useful for many of us to spend some time in a dog shelter for the purpose of personal development. Winter is especially a time when you shouldn’t miss out on this experience, preferably in a shelter where there a lot is needed, and where there’s a lack of both equipment and human help.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe from Fire

It is important to learn how to keep your pet safe during a fire. It’s best to prepare ourselves and our pets because emergencies can happen at any moment, so here are some ways you can keep your pet safe…

How to house train your puppy?

It’s always a huge joy when a puppy joins the family. The little puppy-scented fur dumpling wants to play with everything and puts a smile on everyone’s face. This is a beautiful yet challenging period. There are many things a puppy needs to learn at this time: its name, home rules, a few simple commands, and the fact that she cannot pee in the middle of the living room.

Make learning fun

In order to teach your dog well and effectively, you first have to figure out what really motivates them. There are dogs that would do anything for a snack, while others become excited from the sight of a ball. If you’re lucky, yours loves both.