City walk in a dog’s skin

Maybe I’ve already told you that I’m a therapy dog, and sometimes I appear here and there with Mum. People love me and I actually love them too.

Summer is here!

Summer is here, and Mum is going to more and more places that have a terrace, where she can take us too.

Lost ball in the park

You may know Chad, my pitbull buddy from our family pack. He is a real ball freak, maybe even a bit over the top, and he likes it if the ball has a string he can pull on.

How to choose a dog harness?

A few decades ago, there was no debate about what to put on your pet, because all dogs had was a leather collar or maybe a choke chain. Today, however, it is easy to get lost in the range of options, as you can choose from not only a large number of collars, but also harnesses.

Tips for summer fur care

On warm summer days, we need to pay close attention to our pet’s fur. It is important that our dog is not only pretty from head to toe, but also comfortable on the hottest days.