“Julius K9 Dog Harnesses are very sturdy and extremely attractive harnesses that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to fit every breed of dog.”


K-9 Units and Military Working Dogs

Every year on March 13th, K-9 Veterans Day is observed across the U.S to reflect on the elite dogs that served our citizens and country. In honor of this holiday, we will be utilizing this blog to bring awareness to both K-9s and military working dogs. K-9s (short for canines) and military working dogs (MWDs)…


Top 10 Flyball Dog Breeds

An exciting sport that’s perfect for active dogs, flyball competitions are drawing large crowds. There are pooches that are built for the game – check out these flyball dog breeds.


The most awarded dog harness in the world

One of the prides of our company is the IDC®Longwalk Y-dog harness, which has collected numerous design and innovation awards since its debut in 2019. Thanks to the innovative active points of the IDC®Longwalk, the harness perfectly follows the dog’s movements and is comfortable even during the longest walks.


Our company’s innovation has received a new award

In 2021, one of our company’s successful products, the IDC®Longwalk dog harness, received its second award. After receiving winner title at the German Innovation Award, the British LUX Magazine has now also recognized the excellence of our product and awarded it with the title “Most Innovative Joint-Friendly Dog Harness 2021”.



A nurse, working abroad in Austria, and a guitar player-turned-dog trainer, achieved that only a few Hungarians could do since the collapse of the iron curtain: they developed and manufactured domestically their own product while building a consumer love-brand popular worldwide. The Julius-K9 dog harnesses are the second most copied Hungarian inventions just after the Rubik’s cube.