The construction and expansion of every new site is a huge milestone in the history of our company. We are very pleased to announce that a new 5,000 square metre site has been added to our plant in Tiszafüred, which opened seven years ago. Due to the expansion of the Tiszafüred plant, which was opened on 18 March, the production capacity of our company has greatly increased, and a production and logistics site has been added to the plant as part of the current expansion. The new unit will be continuously equipped with automatic, modern machines, and we are planning to expand to create at least 70 new jobs.

By purchasing high-performance, automated machines, the production of products becomes more efficient, and the continuous fulfilment of orders is ensured. We hope that this will enable us to build new supplier relationships and strengthen our market position.

The total cost of the investment is HUF 271 million, of which HUF 135 million was received by K9-Sport Kft. as a non-refundable grant within the framework of the Nagyvállalati Beruházási Támogatási Program (Large Enterprise Investment Support Programme).