reflective strap

neon strap

IDC® jeans harness

We could say that it is experiencing a renaissance but that wouldn’t really be true. Denim is always in fashion – so, why would our four-legged darlings be excluded from the trend? We have created a simple and also a neon-edged version for them, both made of sturdy denim, so that the usual IDC® quality is guaranteed.

IDC® pressure distributor

This accessory may seem to be a little strange at first glance, but once you’ve tried it you will insist on it. No, this time it’s is not neon-coloured or made of denim, but super practical. Not only does it distribute the pressure, but it prevents the chest strap from sliding to the neck. Give it a try!

IDC® Lumino Leash

This fabric is just great! It does not slip, is available in countless colours and, thanks to its light-absorbing properties, it even glows in the dark for a while – this, of course, depends on the duration of charging. This leash especially goes well with jeans harnesses and here we would like to draw special attention to the cool black and the eye-catching neon colours! Choose the right length and design that’s best for you!

What about some fun?

Oh, of course, this is no question for a real dog!
The neon ball is not only striking when the eye-catching pieces appear in the equipment, but it’s a must.
And we can start playing –

right now.

K9® belt bag

Real harmony! When your four-pawed friend is posing in its jeans harness, you need at least one accessory that matches in colour and material, too. Belt bags are still very popular and the K9® belt bag is also stylish. But leave a little space for treats in the outer pocket!