Julius K9®: harnessing innovation to meet dog lovers’ needs

The Hungarian brand Julius K-9® is renowned among dog owners for its high-quality harnesses, leashes and other accessories. The founder, Gyula Sebő, started the company in his garage in Budapest, Hungary, back in 1997. Despite some highs and lows, the company has since become a leading manufacturer and distributer of harnesses and accessories supplying dog lovers around the world with innovative equipment. Gyula Sebő explains why it is so important for companies like Julius K-9® to have a carefully crafted IP strategy in place from day one.

The stray dogs of Taiwan going to school

Thanks to our subsidiaries and partners we are present in many countries around the world and support local animal protection initiatives that are in line with our creed to the best of our ability. In Taiwan, for example, we help a school dog programme that promotes the adoption of stray dogs by providing them with harnesses and other equipment they need.

High level product safety in the service of dog-human relationship

As a member of the family your dog fully deserves the quality we consider important for ourselves. Whether it’s food, cosmetics or equipment, it’s important that these are made from ingredients that are premium and not harmful to your pet’s health. Thanks to the fact that we know more and more about the effects on health of different compounds, we can now make far more informed and careful choices when looking for a given product for dogs.