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K-9 Units and Military Working Dogs

Every year on March 13th, K-9 Veterans Day is observed across the U.S to reflect on the elite dogs that served our citizens and country. In honor of this holiday, we will be utilizing this blog to bring awareness to both K-9s and military working dogs. K-9s (short for canines) and military working dogs (MWDs)…

The JK9® Speed Belt out in the field

Running and dogs have been my passion for 30 years now, I ran competitively for 10 years. As a personal trainer and dietitian, I try to introduce other people to the sporty, health-conscious world. My group “Running with dogs” currently has over 8,000 members, while instant routes called “Dog circuits” offer leisure programmes for dogs in more and more mountain areas.


Flyball is a team sport for dogs; the canine equivalent of a relay race. Dogs sprint over a series of hurdles, trigger a spring pad to release a tennis ball, catch the ball, and dash back.

New day new walk

The increase in prices, inflation, and gradual impoverishment do not exactly encourage people to keep dogs, much less the production of dog equipment in Europe. The costs of caring for pets have also increased, and whether they are pedigree or mongrels, their situation has become uncertain in many families. More and more pets are being taken to animal shelters, often because their owners no longer have the time nor money to care for them.