Julius Sebo

entrepreneur, inventor – creator of the Julius-K9 brand, writer, musician

  • The inventor of harnesses with hook & loop patches was born in Hungary (1970) Originally, he graduated in architecture from a polytechnic in Budapest
  • 1990-1994 – Member of the trainers’ group of Budapest Rottweiler Club
  • 1994-1996 – Member of the trainers’ group of Vienna German Shepherd Association
  • 1996-2000 – Harness maker studies at Neizer harness maker workshop

Anikó Bakos

As the wife of “Julius” Gyula Sebő, she was the mainstay of her husband for a long time, since 2007 she herself has worked as a company manager.

As the wife of “Julius” Gyula Sebő, she was the mainstay of her husband for a long time. Since 2007, she has been working as a manager in the company, leading and taking the company to greater heights with her wealth of experience, as the company continues to be a brand-building powerhouse of unrivaled creativity and innovation.
From 1990 to 1997, they lived in Austria, where Gyula worked as a dog trainer, and the market research and conceptualization began.
By 1997, they were able to successfully raise enough capital to start the company. At that time, the company utilized a 15sqm garage which served as a warehouse. All revenues were invested in the development of the company. Their first major breakthrough was attributed to the outstanding results which they had achieved with several dog units in Austria, and eventually gained popularity in other countries around Europe.

Why is our name Julius-K9? JULIUS comes from the name of the CEO and founder “Julius Sebo”, while K9 comes from personal occurrences. The letter K is from the word kutya (kutya means dog in Hungarian). The meaning of number 9 comes from the founder’s childhood home address: No 9. Kele street, Budapest.
He gained pivotal life experiences while living with his first set of dogs. The JULIUS-K9 brandname was created in 1997. In that year, the company’s first Vienna based address was also house number 9.
Furthermore, the company has continued to expand its activities around Europe, while maintaining its corporate vision and integrity, and has added a new office at 126/9 Langobarden Str. office.


Company history

  • The Julius-K9 company was founded as Julius Export 2000 Bt, a family enterprise in 1997
  • The first demands came from police units with service dogs. The first products (muzzles, leashes etc.) were supplied to Austrian and Hungarian companies and authorities.
  • The company cooperates with 9 subcontractors.
  • The main market is Austria. In addition to HILAN, A.W. Barth Friedrich Heindl companies, more and more retailers join the group of Julius-K9 retail partners. The main users of K9 products are primarily police units with service dogs, military units and dog-owners’ associations.
  • The company continues to witness tremendous growth.
  • Julius-K9’s harnesses are presented to the international public under the name of K9-Power (World Expo VDH/Dortmund)
  • Julius-K9 Bt., operating near Budapest, supplies almost all European countries with its products. The entire development, manufacturing and logistics process is managed through a family enterprise in Hungary, with the cooperation of several employees and subcontractors. Retail dealer specialists receive the K9 products through wholesalers.
  • http://web.archive.org/web/20030529021506/http:/www.hundesportartikel.at/dogsport/geschirre.html
  • Julius-K9® becomes a regular participant of various fairs and expos (Berlin, Munich, Erfurt, Dortmund, Friedrichshafen, Udine, Budapest). The first international brand dealerships are founded.
  • Julius-K9® participates in charity activities, sponsors the establishment of an orphanage for the Hungarian subsidiary of the Baptist Charity Service, supports dog events and foundations worldwide, acts as main sponsor of VDH and concludes sponsorhip contracts with special rescue units (Rescue 24, K9 Suchhundezentrum)
  • The company’s name is changed in 2008: Julius-K9 Bt.
  • the number of international brand dealerships grows at a rate never seen before
  • Julius-K9 products are regularly presented in the media
  • In order to prevent reproduction as well as imitation, the upgrades are submitted to the patent offices as usage and design samples.
  • Julius-K9 dog harnesses win the first place in a test conducted by independent, professional dog trainers assigned by WDR Television.
  • In order to reduce the distribution of copies, the upgrades are submitted to the patent offices as usage and design samples.
  • Julius-K9 develops its new product line, i.e. the IDC product line, and submits 20 inventions to the Hungarian Patent Office within a year.
  • The usage of German materials in Julius-K9 products increases to 70%
  • IDC harnesses are first presented at the Dortmund Dog Expo
  • Julius-K9 becomes a direct supplier of the Austrian Mega Zoo chain
  • The company becomes a direct supplier to the German and Austrian Futterhaus stores.
  • Julius-K9 entrusts TRIXIE, a pet equipment manufacturer and distributor, to sell the old K9-Power harnesses developed in 1997.
  • MBrand dealerships operate in 21 countries
  • The group of companies manufacturing the Julius-K9 products become one of Europe’s largest dog equipment manufacturers
  • The unique developments of IDC innovation program will be continued to make our product range even more colorful.
  • Julius-K9® product categories became important parts of Western Europe’s largest supplier’s programs.
  • The Hungarian born inventor and founder of Julius-K9, took out around 50 technical innovations at Hungarian and other international patent offices.
  • The company witnesses a steep surge in sales in African, Arab, South and Central American countries.
  • New projects connected to responsible dog ownership, to support and promote neutering and adoption, as well as commitment to the overall health and well-being of dogs get underway.
  • IDC® and Julius-K9 brands become widely known in significant countries from both economic and population outlooks.
  • Production of IDC®-harnesses commences, based on patented plastic technologies.
  • Group of production works continue to expand, as the K9-factory is upgraded and refurbished.
  • Additional warehouse and office building programs are initiated.
  • Innovation of therapeutic matresses combined with herbs are introduced.
  • Thanks to a subsidy from the Hungarian State, storage developments continue in Hungary.
  • IDC multifunctional dog vest is launched into the market, adding a new dimension to the Julius-K9® product line.
  • Direct and indirect support for animal rights activists and foundations. A long-term cooperation begins with several Hungarian and German animal rights organizations.
  • The earlier registered JULIUS-K9® and IDC® brand names are protected in almost 50 countries.
  • The first universal bags attachable to a dog leash or dog harness, are placed on the market.
  • The management of the company creates the World Day of Companion Animals, which falls on the 20th of June each year.
  • An Outlet store selling Julius-K9 products opens in Central Hungary.
  • Julius-K9 wins the brand-related proceedings taken against the Rocket Dog (California) company.
  • The manager of Julius-K9 and volunteers found their own animal rescue and rehabilitation association.
  • Educational cooperation starts with several Hungarian professional associations with the aim of job creation and student training.
  • Julius-K9 declares 2014 the year of the children. National drawing competition, dog shows promoting responsible dog ownership.
  • The first international Julius-K9 Rescue Dog Contest in the world is held.
  • A storybook and a music album presenting the Hungarian dog breeds, entitled “Ebengubák” (“Dogs of a feather”) is created as a result of the enthusiastic work of company manager Gyula Sebő and some artists.
  • A subsidiary, Julius-K9 LLC is founded in North-America to deal with commercial and brand-related legal matters.
  • A 1,700-pallet warehouse opens in Hungary for the purpose of export to China and America.
  • The one millionth dog harness with the Velcro chest strap and side label developments of Julius-K9 is sold.
  • The IDC® Powerharness, manufactured and distributed by JULIUS-K9® has won the Hungarian Quality Product Award.
  • The following trade marks were registered LUMINO™, FLIEGERBOMBE™, FLYING BOMB™, Color & Gray™, IDC® FRONT CONTROL™ and STEALTH®.
  • New guard & safety equipment has been introduced into the market.
  • New leash and collar collection was developed.
  • IDC® 3 in1 Multifunctional vest has won the American Pet Industry Recognition Award.
  • Steady expansion –the establishment of new sewing workshops in Tiszaderzs and Tiszafüred.
  • The construction of the 2700 m² office building for JULIUS-K9® has been finished.
  • Thank to this investment, the Sales, the Logistics, the Legal and the Marketing department teams soon will be able to work together centralized.
  • Building partnership in China – hiring Chinese employees.
  • More than ever before a great selection of new colors has been introduced into the IDC® Dog harness color range
  • The „CANIS” product family has been launched – Dog harnesses were designed with happy and colourful graphics.
  • The introduction of the T-shirts provided with puppy-dogs’ graphics
  • The UV-neon coloured dog harnesses were created for the better visibility.
  • Setting up an online sales team in order to operate Amazon sales channels.
  • Launching of the Stealth dog harness that was specifically made for the armed forces. It ensures complete invisibility combined with smooth maneuverability for the dog thanks to the design of this harness and its attachments.
  • The foundation of Julius-K9 Zrt. as the legal successor of Julius-K9 Bt.
  • The www.julius-k9.com website has been renewed
  • Ongoing successful battle against the counterfeit products.
  • The Budapest Mantrailing Academy and the Julius-K9 finished the development of the unique mantrailing harness, which has been tested in real time deployment.
  • The 20th anniversary of the foundation of the company.
  • The handover of the approximately 2700 m² new office building, to establish the centralized logistics and commerce.
  • Opening towards the Turkish market – the foundation of the Turkish subsidiary
History of Julius-K9 dogharness:
  • K9 – Powerharness
  • Dogharness with side rings
  • Therapy dog harness
  • Descending – and carrier harness
  • TPP dogharness
  • TPP Light dogharness
  • Cobra dogharness for service dog actions
  • Rehabilitation harness
  • IDC®–Powerharness
  • IDC® Beltharness (black)
  • IDC®–Powerharness with side rings
  • Descending – and carrier harness
  • K9 national flag harness
  • IDC® national flag harness
  • IDC®-Beltharness (blue and red)
  • IDC® multifunctional dog vest 3in1
  • IDC® STEALTH dog harness
  • IDC® Color&Grey family