Pablo is giving this new Julius-K9 Powair harness a massive thumbs up

  • We began using the original K9 Powerharness when Pablo became old enough to wear a more robust gear. It was difficult finding a harness that not only fit the proportions of a pug but didn’t put any pressure on their breathing, either. We’ve never looked back since. This harness was fantastic and we couldn’t have recommended it more to people.
  • When we heard that the IDC®Powerharness was meant to be even better we just had to get one! The design meant the harness sat higher above the shoulders and farther down the chest meaning the harness was no longer set on the shoulders and allowed completely free movement of the front legs. It also rested lower on the chest so even when they pull on the lead extremely hard, it couldn’t slip up and choke the dog. This was perfect for us because, as pug owners, we were concerned about their fragile breathing which always requires utmost care. We have a neon green and a neon orange version of this harness. The colours are great and very easy to spot from a distance when we’re out on walks. We have custom tags with Pablo’s name on so everyone knows his name when he runs up to them looking for treats! These harnesses are extremely robust and will outlast us all. Winston is currently wearing Pablo’s ‘hand me down’ neon green IDC® Powerharness now that he is old enough for it. He has his own name tag on it, too! Even after many months of walks in the mud, rivers, sand, rain, beaches and forests, it still looks like a brand new harness.
  • Pablo now wears the IDC®Longwalk harness in neon green. Pablo tends to be a loose cannon on walks: he likes to set off running full speed with no warning even when still attached to the lead. This caused pulling on the lead several times which is never good and should really be avoided. When Julius told us they had a new product we hoped it could help us in this situation. The Longwalk is designed as a Y-shape harness which spreads the pressure across his whole chest. The elastic parts which are attached to the chest pad and connect the lead to the harness dampen the impact of any sudden movement and bring him to a slower stop. This gives us a peace of mind walking him knowing that the harness keeps him safe.

Karl Little