The German heavy industry is experiencing negative records, not reported for a long time. That is exactly why we still believe that we should stick to German raw materials, despite the fact that they cannot compete on price with Far Eastern products. We place stainless rings on the Julius-K9 dog harnesses. These rings derive from German production and have flawless delivery.

More German raw materials on the Julius-K9 products!

The JK9 dog equipment’s high-tech plastic components have already been created from German raw materials. Their expansion in our production is thanks to their unmatched physical attributes.
Therefore we have been anxiously observing the downfall of the German heavy industry and chemical industry in the last years. Our plan was to equip our products – for example our Julius-K9 dog harnesses – not with aluminum, but with German stainless steel components of the best quality, in addition to the high-tech plastic components. Thanks to our agreements concluded in 2023, German metal raw materials will arrive at our tailor’s shops without any transport difficulties in the coming years.