Julius-K9 has launched a worldwide campaign to provide a dog harness decorated with Paw Patrol heroes, to service dogs who assist children in their treatment or rehabilitation. Julius-K9 placed the Paw Patrol dog harnesses on the market to bring joy to children in collaboration with the Paramount Pictures.

The Paw Patrol dog harness facilitates the bonding between dog and child. This donation to a noble cause yields big smiles on the children’s faces, while the dogs can work in the Julius-K9 harness that has been the preferred equipment in the service dog world for almost 30 years. We continue to seek worldwide dog organizations and qualified dog trainers, who work in the field of pediatric therapy. The dog harnesses are donated by Julius-K9 to therapeutic dog organizations and qualified dog trainers. Help us to spread the word about our campaign, ensuring it reaches the relevant organizations and people.