We, at the “Ebárvaház” Nonprofit Association, also want to provide our protégés with the best possible dog equipment used in the shelter. For daily walks, we have recommended the IDC® Powerharness from the very beginning. Here, they really need indestructible and reliable pieces!

The IDC® Powerharness passed the test of both comfort and freedom of movement. We have repeatedly found in the case of more timid dogs that they are reassured by the properly adjusted Powerharness surrounding their body. This means, they feel better with us standing behind them, and supporting them. Their posture changes, their movements become confident.

Proper adjustment of the harness is extremely important, as this is the only way to guarantee perfect freedom of movement and control over the dog at the same time in critical situations. It is important to note that the harness can be easily applied, but in the same direction, if the dog wants to wiggle out of it and the owner is not experienced enough, it can also be pulled off the dog. Therefore, simultaneous attachment of the double carabiner leash on the harness and collar is reasonable in the case of dogs who often try to pull out of it.

In many cases, we also attach a separate chest pad and pressure distributor to the chest strap of the harness, which means that even inexperienced dog owners cannot pull the harness off the dog during a walk. The four-legged residents of the shelter are especially grateful for the walkers who arrive in the afternoon and on the weekends.

In this case, the easy application of the harness saves a lot of time for our staff, and even dogs with weak nervous systems can easily tolerate “getting dressed”. Our walking guests are especially instructed to use the rugged handle on the back of the harness to restrain the dog at gates and passageways. Thanks to its rigidity, this practical invention helps to prevent dogs from breaking out sideways and allows them dog to be helped through more difficult terrain or situations without pulling on the leash.