– or the true story of the dog harness labels

A lifeless body was lying at the edge of the road, next to it its mourning playmate. The Hungarian pointer was guarding the body of its friend and the memories of their shared past few weeks without any food or water in a cold suburb of Budapest – even days later. It was a heart-rending spectacle to a young man experienced in animal rescue, who passed them several times on his way to work. Then the moment came when he could not bear it any longer. He got out of the car, walked over to the dog and addressed it. The Hungarian pointer turned away its head, it was left unimpressed even by the piece of bacon he pulled out from his pocket. What else could be done? As a last attempt, the man opened wide the door of his car, and the dog was finally drawn by the promise of help. It jumped on the front seat, and nestled itself into it as naturally as if it had always been travelling there.

At home the presence of the Dobermann of the hosts hit it like a cold shower. The two dogs did not get on with each other, in the small apartment lock systems controlled the path of the four-legged ones and hindered the movement of the two-legged ones, barricades were built from the furniture. There was nothing else to do, a desperate search for a new owner began. However, the efforts failed. In his final despair, the young man took the dog to a busy square, and after tying its leash to a bench, he watched the people passing by from a distance. No one stopped, indifference prevailed. The next day he did the same, but this time he hung a label around the neck of the dog with the text: “SEEKING NEW OWNER”. He himself was surprised that the Hungarian pointer was surrounded by a small group of people in just a few minutes, the usual deliberation-philosophizing-indignation began, until finally a grandmotherly looking woman took the leash from the bench with a deliberate movement saying: “You have found your new owner.”

Since then 25 years, so to speak two dog lifetimes have passed. The young man mentioned above is none other than Gyula Sebő, the inventor of the “speaking” dog harnesses, the owner of Julius-K9(r). At that time this incident stuck in his mind for a long time, until finally he realized that he used a new way of communication in the search for a new owner. There were no two ways about it, the messages of the animals had to be translated into a language that people could understand. From here the idea inspiring the birth of a world brand was only one step away: a dog harness – with a replaceable message. Its reception worldwide exceeded the expectations, the initial overwhelming success has not dropped at all in the past quarter of a century. By now harness labels are produced by numerous companies, but they are produced still in exactly the same dimensions in which they originally appeared on the first K9-Powerharnesses.

The impeccable quality of Julius-K9(r) dog harnesses is remarkable in itself, but due to the labels they became information carriers from the beginning, bombarding human emotions. Initially the usual service dog labels, like POLICE, ARMY, etc. were used, then labels like COOL MAN, MINE IS BIGGER, MACHO, SEXMACHINE also appeared on some dogs, and the avalanche started. Passers-by took notice of the “speaking” dogs and, irrespective of whether they were animal lovers or not, they were influenced by the dog. By communicating human thoughts!


This proved that a simple innovation could do a lot for the acceptance of dogs as companion animals. The reputation of Julius-K9(r) reached the far reaches of the world faster than production could keep pace with. Thus it is no wonder that this fashion craze brought to life a number of Far Eastern copies, necessitating further development in addition to the legal struggles.

With the constant improvement of the dog harnesses, the choice of labels is also expanding. If the Hungarian pointer found at the edge of the road was alive today, it could wear a unique label made especially for it. We are proud of the fact that we can talk about a Hungarian world success inspired by a Hungarian dog breed, which helps primarily the animal itself – through some mediation – in letting people know that: it has a message for them!