A couple of decades ago, there was no question about what to put on your pet as options were limited to either a leather or chain collar. Today, however, it is easy to get lost, as one can not only choose from a number of different collars, but also from a variety of harnesses.


What are collars and dog harnesses for?

The general function of the collar is to hold the dog back in unexpected situations, as well as to guide and control it on a leash over short distances, throughout which the dog’s owner pays full attention to the gentle adjustment and use of the equipment and the well-being of the dog. In the case of smaller dogs, older dogs, and certain breeds (e.g., bull-types), leading on a collar and leash in a stressful environment is not recommended unless the wearing of a dog harness is not possible due to health reasons. Avoid using the collar in the event of any breathing difficulties, wear on the neck hair or skin irritation.

A dog harness is a piece of equipment consisting in part of straps used to lead, hold, lift, and possibly utilize pulling force. It spares the neckline during use and allows the dog to breath as freely as possible during dog sports as well as everyday dog walking. The main function of the dog harness is to replace the collar. It exerts less strain on the dog’s neck and facilitates easier breathing, while allowing the owner to control the dog at an optimal level.