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Ultrasonic Tick & Flea Repeller

Do you want to protect your pet from ticks and fleas?
Are you looking for a solution that will not pose a threat to animals or humans? Then choose the JULIUS-K9® Ultrasonic Tick & Flea Repeller!

This little device emits ultrasound of varying frequencies that are above the hearing range of humans and dogs, but repel and keep away ticks and fleas.

Attach the repeller to the collar of the dog to protect it from parasites – in an environment-friendly way, without side effects!


It provides protection for an entire season, 9-12 months continuous working after activating.


The repeller is for prevention only, it is not suitable for anti-parasite treatment of pets already heavily infested with ticks or fleas. It should be used constantly during tick season. Its effectiveness also depends on the condition of the fur and the infestation of the environment.