Julius-K9 works together with exclusive partners, whose websites contain all of the products together with prices. These companies are happy to make advertising and information material available, furthermore you can also request a free copy of our catalogues from them. Selling to private individuals and associations is exclusively through our sales partners. For a full list of our partners please visit If Julius-K9 is not represented in your country please contact us directly.


We accept orders in writing to our Hungarian fax and e-mail addresses. When placing an order for the first time please provide the following data: COMPANY REGISTRATION NUMBER, the DELIVERY as well as the BILLING ADDRESS. All data is treated as confidential and with the exception of the authorised representation we do not give it out to third parties.

Payment method

We are only able to provide trade prices on presentation of a valid business permit or in the case of direct contact forward the details to the authorised representatives. We request at the same time that you to provide the company registration number, which allows us to issue an invoice of net value. Please always provide a name and the invoice number when paying, without these we cannot assign the data and no information is displayed regarding the sender.


The guarantee period, according to Article 151/2003 (IX.22) of PTK (Civil Code of Hungary) commences on the day of issuing the invoice.

4/1. Repairs
Faulty products are to be sent back to the manufacturer.

4/2. material faults:
The manufacturer checks it in all cases, if the determination of the fault is not clear, they will request it to be checked by an independent military technology laboratory. In the case of a valid complaint, we reserve the right to decide whether to replace the product or have it repaired free of charge.

4/3. Liability does not extend to the following cases:
Any changes and own repairs, irrespective whether foreign material was used or not.


Delivery is within 2-6 weeks from the date of placing the order, with DPD (Delivery service provider). In case of individual pieces or made to measure service, delivery time can be longer. Please check whether the required product is in stock prior to payment..


All training equipment are to be used at own risk. We accept no responsibility for potential injuries resulting from incorrect use.

Office hours in our Logistics Center: