We inform our customers that counterfeit products available on the market in increasing numbers produced mainly …

…in the Far East – despite the fact that they have the same form as the JULIUS-K9® products, and even our brand name can be found on them – are not the products of our company!

JULIUS-K9® provides no warranty regarding the quality of counterfeit products. Also, we do not assume responsibility for any damage or risk resulting from their use.

The developments of JULIUS-K9® are kept secret. Neither the technological solutions, nor the composition and quality of the materials are disclosed. We have several self-manufactured parts, the secret components of which make their counterfeiting almost impossible.

How to recognize a counterfeit product?


Counterfeit products rarely have the original logo of the manufacturer on the area behind the handle. Either nothing, or the logo of the – usually – phantom company producing the counterfeit product is placed there.



On the original JULIUS-K9® dog harnesses there is an embossed logo there on a rubber base. From size Baby1 to Mini it is sewn on the harness, and for larger sizes it is fixed on the rubber strap used for closing the handle.

There is no logo on the buckle, or other untested buckles are used.


JULIUS-K9® uses a buckle developed by it and manufactured in the EU, showing the words JULIUS (below that) K-9 (below that) www.original-k9.de. This is an unbreakable buckle made from high quality material.

Attention! In the case of harnesses of size Baby, Mini-Mini, Mini and 0 this system has been introduced only from 2017! Such harnesses are not necessarily counterfeit products if the embossed logo cannot be found on them. In the case of harnesses of sizes 1-4, buckles manufactured years ago may not have the logo.


The most obvious difference is in the quality of the used materials, which unfortunately can not be determined from photos, however, if a closer look is taken at the pictures, some revealing details can be found:

wavy edging, suggesting that it is made of an extremely thin material
the thickness of the dog harness can also differ from the original, which again is bad, suggesting that the materials are not strong enough
wavy, badly sewn edge
the reflective element also suggests the use of a very cheap material from the Far East

When You take the original JULIUS-K9® dog harness in the hand, You are faced with the already well-known high quality. The dog harness is a product worked out to the smallest detail, made of strong, durable materials.


The IDC by JULIUS-K9® logo is missing from most of the counterfeit products.


Every original IDC JULIUS-K9® harness has this small logo. On harnesses of size Baby it is directly above the central ring. On harnesses of larger sizes it is above the side label on the right hand side. It is embossed in white on a black rubber base.


In summary

If you wish to purchase an original JULIUS-K9® dog harness of European quality, pay attention to the followings. The fact that any one of the product features is missing does not mean that You have purchased a counterfeit product, however, if more of the listed features are found to be contradictory, start to be suspicious!

  1. the rubber strap closing the handle is missing (on harnesses of size 0-4, in the case of harnesses of size Baby1, Baby2, Mini, Mini-Mini the handle is closed by means of a hook-and-loop fastener);
  2. the JULIUS K-9® logo is missing, or there is some other logo at the D-ring;
  3. the side label does not match the label field. It is too large or too small;
  4. ugly, poor quality seams;
  5. the embossed JULIUS-K9 logo is missing from the buckle (for sizes Baby1 to 0 it has been introduced only from 2017);
  6. poor material quality;
  7. the IDC by JULIUSK9® logo is missing;

Please note that Julius-K9® counterfeit products purchased from Far Eastern online shops are not produced according to the EU consumer protection regulations. They are not sold officially in the EU, thus it is not guaranteed that they meet the legal requirements in terms of material and safety.


How to recognize a counterfeit product? (PDF)