Julius-K9® is a European company which has an important role on the market of dog accessories and sportswear since 1997. The secret of its worldwide success that it makes available the quality and design of service dog accessories for any dog owner. It created a fashion style, the dog harness with removable patches became the first ‘talking’ dog accessory. That products can make a special human-dog contact and provide messages with funny, strange and useful texts on the patches. Nowadays millions of dogs uses Julius-K9® and IDC® accessories showing to the world (even to those people who aren’t dog owners) how important are these wonderful creatures in our society.

It’s important to spend on testing and developing the products as well, but a considerable part of the company’s revenue goes to animal welfare activities. To top off this in 2014 it had a great part to found a dog shelter and rehabilitation center called Ebarvahaz and still actively involved in its work.
2010 brought a breakthrough at K9 products, the new system, perfected by our inventor is

In case of these products the most important point of view is the perfect comfort and safety of the dog. We’ve paid a special attention to find the most comfortable and safest wear for a Canis lupus familiaris.

We’ve invented All Time Light technology to provide perfect visibility to you and your dog.
Our products can be found in several countries. For more details ask our local retailers.