mantrailing dog harness

The JULIUS-K9®’s unique harness

specially developed for mantrailing.

A dog harness suitable for recreational activities where the dog is on the lead. During mantrailing, the dog is looking for a specific person, following his unique odour in any area. In the case of canicross and other sports activities involving running on the leash, the dog is also in front of its master and can pull the master holding the leash. The JULIUS-K9® mantrailing dog harness has been designed specifically for searching for people and activities involving running.

The anatomically perfectly fitting dog harness with an elastic leash anchor provides optimum comfort for the dog even when it exerts a significant pulling force. During the design of the harness, we paid attention to ensuring that the load should be distributed only on the chest instead of the neck.

The development of the mantrailing harness took place with the participation of the teachers of the Budapest Mantrailing Academy. After a 4-month test period, the product was introduced at the INBTI Seminar in the spring of 2017.

Choosing the right size*
Size M: for dogs weighing 17 to 28 kg
Size L/XL: for dogs weighing 28 to 56 kg

*The size choice also depends on the dog’s build: size L may be good for longer dogs of size M in terms of weight and chest circumference.

Applying the mantrailing harness
When the mantrailing harness is applied, the dog can be held between your feet: the dog is facing forward and is held between your two knees in front of the hind legs, at its flank. If the dog does not like this form of application, you can apply the harness by standing beside it. If the dog does not mind that the dog harness is pulled through its head, it is sufficient to unlock only the two buckles of the back element for application. Pull the strap connecting the neck element to the chest pad through the head, so the neck and back elements lie on the back of the dog, and flatten the chest pad against its chest. Finally, connect the two rear buckles to the back element.
If the dog does not like the harness being pulled over its head, perform the previous steps with the difference that you also unlock one of the buckles belonging to the neck element before applying the harness.

Setting the mantrailing harness
The upper edge of the chest pad should reach the lower edge of the dog’s neck – if it is higher, it may press the trachea. The straps leading to the neck element should be so tight that the upper edge of the chest pad be at the right height, and the pad being flattened against the chest. The distance between the neck and the back elements can be adjusted according to the taste of the dog handler, but should not be behind the line of the dog’s two hind legs. The back element should be slid to the back to ensure that the back straps of the chest pad do not obstruct the free movement of the front legs and do not cause any bruising. The straps should be so tight that you can slide your palm under the back element. They should not be too loose, because they may move sideways during work. In a standing position, the harness may seem to be too loose (the connecting strap, the neck element and the back element may slide together) but this is eliminated when the dog starts moving and pulling. At that time, all straps and elements will be in place.

The elastic leash fastening protects the joints of both the dog handler and the dog from the damaging effects of jerks. The search dog is spared from the inadvertent jerks of the leash.
The mantrailing dog harness is made for search work and active movement outdoors, where the dog can pull someone (mantrailing, cycling with the dog, recreational running with the dog).

Mantrailing Outdoor Dog Harness Julius-K9®


  • Moving backwards, the dog can get out of the harness. Be sure to adjust the strap to the body.
  • If, while exercising, the dog gets beside or perhaps behind its handler, fasten the leash to the collar or fasten a karabiner to each of the front and back leash ring of the dog harness.
  • The dog harness is not suitable for lifting the dog.

JULIUS-K9® Mantrailing – people search training

Applying the mantrailing dog harness

Utility model pending: U1700058 Patent pending: P1700113