Phosphorescent leashes and collars

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Delayed light emission after the photon absorption

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The luminous collars and leashes glow in the dark, depending on the intensity of natural or artificial light exposure. A phosphorescent material is capable of emitting light only after exposure to light, depending on the duration and intensity of light exposure. The material is water, wrinkle and UV-resistant, and easily withstands high loads.


They are lined with first class black cowhide towards the neck of the dog, so the colors are even brighter.
They are available in a width of 25 mm, in different lengths.


IDC® Lumino-leash that glows in total darkness, recommended by the K-9® Search Dog Center / Alexandra Grunow.

A strong polyester strap with a silicone-type coating for optimum grip, tested and proven in load tests.* It is available in a width of 19 mm, in different lengths, with or without handle.

*Tensile test up to a length of 1m with a medium carabiner: at a load of 135 kg only the medium carabiner broke. Tensile test over a length of 1m with a large carabiner: at a load of 185 kg the leash broke.

IDC Lumino Product Family

Choose a set of uniform color, or combine the different colors!


IDC® Lumino twin leash

The twin version of the IDC® Lumino-leash allows this heavy duty material to be used for leading two dogs simultaneously. Length: 75 cm.


IDC® Lumino adjustable leash

The double carabiner version of the well-proven IDC® Lumino-leash extremely pleasant to the touch, adjustable to a length of 200, 160 or 125 cm.