Stuff the wonderful

I think I might have mentioned before that I completed a service dog exam. This means, that I learned to help ill, wounded or very sad children and adults. This is an ability me and Mum instinctively have. Something we were born with, I guess.

Dog park affair

I’m not a big dog park goer as I’m not a big fan of such obligations and I don’t like impolite, pushy dogs either. We usually hang out with the pack outside on a big field or in a forest or walk nice and disciplined on lead.

Spring has arrived, time to go out in nature!

With the arrival of spring, nature is awakening in the same way as ever, despite the fact that our world has changed significantly during the past year. However, the sunshine, the chirping of birds and the lush forest-fields offer hope. At the same time, this all tempts you to move out of your home and recharge your batteries in nature with your four-legged companion.