JK9® is helping to protect endangered rhinos in Africa

JK9® has more than 150 partners worldwide and all of them are doing a great job representing our company and products. Our South African partner, Pet Bound Co. is a really special one because above that they work closely with Anti-Poaching Units in South Africa. The rangers and dogs have close bonds and put their lives on the line daily to protect our wildlife.

How to house train your puppy?

It’s always a huge joy when a puppy joins the family. The little puppy-scented fur dumpling wants to play with everything and puts a smile on everyone’s face. This is a beautiful yet challenging period. There are many things a puppy needs to learn at this time: its name, home rules, a few simple commands, and the fact that she cannot pee in the middle of the living room.

Make learning fun

In order to teach your dog well and effectively, you first have to figure out what really motivates them. There are dogs that would do anything for a snack, while others become excited from the sight of a ball. If you’re lucky, yours loves both.