13. Back up

Backing up is also a particularly interesting task because dogs do not consciously use their hind legs. With this trick, we can also help develop this ability, which will be very useful for a great many future tasks and in various sports.

11. Hand Shake

Aside from being able to proudly answer “yes” to questions such as “So cute! Can he/she give me a hand shake?”, this trick can also come in handy when wiping your furry friend’s paws after a long walk.

10. Spin around

Teaching tricks is a great activity that greatly contributes to the development of the dog-owner relationship and to getting to know your dog. One of the popular tricks to start with, because of its relative easiness, is how to spin around.

9. Walking on a loose leash

In the long run, we cannot expect any dog to walk beside us on foot, as going for a walk should also be about relaxation, discovery and sniffing around for a dog. However, with for a small dog, it’s not pleasant – nor healthy – to pull on the leash, and especially with larger ones it can be quite problematic if they end up dragging us along the street.

8. Heel!

Keeping your dog by your side can be very useful, for example during everyday situations, when another dog or cyclist passes by. Then you can keep the dog by your side for a shorter time without having to stop. But in addition to many canine sports and work activities, exams also include this task.

7. Place

Dogs love their usual place, they feel safe there, be it a box, the bed or just a corner. Ideally, we can take the dog’s place with us (box / bed / blanket) so we can provide them their little safe spot in the car too. However, it is also useful if, for example, we can send them away to relax when guests visit.