Mantrailing dog harness

Mantrailing / Outdoor Dog Harness

“Thanks to Julius-K9, our dogs are now the most comfortable they´ve ever been while working. Even with the strongest dogs, this harness ensures that the weight lays on the chest instead of the neck at all times.”

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IDC® Powerharness – Paw In Hands Foundation

Von seiner vielseitigen Verwendbarkeit würden wir nur eine hervorheben; Hilfe bei der Arbeit der Rettungshunde während des Einsatzes. Die Mitglieder des Vereins „Mancs a kézben (Tatze in der Hand)“ verwenden die Julius-K9 Geschirre in erster Linie bei Border Collie-, Malinois- und Labrador Retriever-Hunde, wir testen und verwenden sie aber auch…

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User reviews

Dog with pacemaker – in IDC® Powerharness

Dear Julius K9 I wanted to email you and inform you of my delight in finding a harness that is suitable for my dog, who has a pacemaker. My beautiful dog Darcey is a 4 year old Cockapoo.  On Friday 5th January I took her to the vet as she…

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Kenzo in camouflage

Purchased the camouflage Powerharness for our Shiba Inu puppy – one of my favorite and most wise purchases for any pet, ever. It is perfection! Thanks Julius-K9!!! Jordan Murray?

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Sara and her pretty belt harness

Good morning and greetings from Romania! Sara was a stray dog, but for six years she’s our little girl. She also enjoys the Julius-K9 harness, which has helped us a lot to learn how to go right and make our walks pleasant. Thank you! Andreea Iuliana

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