At mantrailing the dog is searching for a particular person by tracking down the individual scent in any kind of environment.

The JULIUS-K9®’s unique harness specially developed for mantrailing.

  • large chestpad
  • optimal pressure distribution
  • adjustable belts
  • easy to put on
  • interchangeable patches
  • heavy duty buckles
  • the design provides ideal leash handling
  • high visibility material – reflective edges
  • the unique flexible design of the ring fixation helps to decrease the intensity of the sudden pulls

The anatomically perfectly fitting dog harness provides optimum comfort for working dogs even when they exert a significant pulling force. During the development of the harness we paid attention to ensuring that, instead of the neck, the load shall be distributed only on the chest.

The mantrailing harness was developed with the participation of the instructors of the Budapest Mantrailing Academy. After a 4-month test period, the product was introduced in the spring of 2017 at the INBTI Seminar.

JULIUS-K9® Mantrailing – people search training