IDC® PowerharnessMali VB 2018 - támogató a JULIUS-K9

Crash test
Crash test

The harnesses were subjected to an independent, certified quality test

IDC® handle lock
IDC® handle lock

it can be prevented from getting caught accidentally

Perfect ergonomics
Perfect ergonomics

The position of the chest strap designed for optimum load distribution

Sidebag fixing option
Sidebag fixing option

excellent for carrying all personal documents or vaccination records

Removable side labels
Removable side labels

Hook and loop attachable to the sides of the dog harness

More visibility
More visibility

also functions as a high visibility vest

german straps oeko-tex

An improved and upgraded successor of the K9-Powerharness first placed on the market by JULIUS-K9®. The dog harness developed originally for the armed forces and service dogs became popular among hobby dog owners, as they discovered the advantages of the equipment.

IDC® Powerharness - for the free movement

JULIUS-K9® IDC® Powerharness

“Where the heart beats…”


– a comfortable, wide chest strap distributes the pulling force on the chest muscles
– OEKO-TEX® certified materials for safety and comfort
– tested German straps
– fasteners made from Swiss materials
– maximum freedom of movement

Made in EU

Improvements of the IDC® Powerharness:

Optimum load distribution

The most important improvement was the as optimum as possible distribution of the load acting on the dog. Compared to other dog harnesses, in the case of the IDC® Powerharness the pulling force of the dog acts not on the neck of the dog, but directly on the chest of the dog. This was achieved with the modification of the position of the chest strap, patented by Julius-K9®.

The size and position of the chest strap designed for optimum load distribution is based on mathematical calculations.

In the development of the chest strap it was taken into account that the load acts on the chest of dogs of different sizes at different vector angles. Therefore the angle of the chest strap is not uniform for all sizes.

IDC® is the first dog harness in the world, the anatomic suitability and benefits of which have been supported by physical calculations.

For determining the α, β and γ angles, we need the length of the leash ‘l’ shown in the figure, which is 1.5 meters on average, the height of the hand holding the leash ’em’, which is taken to be 1 m, the height of the chest bone ‘m’ on the front of the chest, in terms of loadability with the highest load bearing capacity, the height of the harness ‘hm’ equivalent to the distance between the chest bone and the leash ring 13 for attaching a leash, located on top of the dog harness, and the difference between the height of the leash ring and the hand holding the leash ‘a’.

Based on the following trigonometric formula

α=90+β (>92°)
sinβ=a/l β=sin-1(a/l)=sin-1(em-m-hm/l)

for a dog with a chest bone height ‘m’ of 24-30 cm and a harness height ‘hm’ of 13 cm, the ‘γ’ angle closed by the fastening straps can be determined as 65°, which value increases in direct proportion to the body size of the dog. In determining the ‘γ’ angle closed by the straps, the often disproportionate body structure of bred dogs, and the differences in the height of the hand holding the leash ‘m’ shall also be taken into account.

The IDC® Powerharness

The IDC® Powerharness, with reflective elements positioned on different parts of the dog harness, also functions as a high visibility vest. Thus the dog is visible in the dark to oncoming cars from over 100 meters.

Replaceable side labels

All of our dog harnesses come with replaceable JULIUS-K9® side labels, hook&loop attachable to the sides of the dog harness. There are more than 1000 other labels on stock to choose from, which can be funny, can refer to the nature of the dog, or can be a distinguishing mark for working dogs. POLICE, RESCUE, BOXER POWER, etc.

Unique side labels

If You do not find a suitable side label in our stock, You can order a unique one as well.

Tested quality

The harnesses were subjected to an independent, certified quality test (Crash-test). The product achieved a tensile strength of 300 kg, then the buckle opened, but the harness did not break.

Closable handle

When the dog is walked without a leash, the handle on the top of the dog harness is of great service. It allows the dog to be held quickly and securely. The handle was improved to make it closable together with the central ring by means of a strap. This way it can be prevented from getting caught accidentally by twigs, protruding objects.

Torch holder

Elasztikus lámpatartó

An indispensable accessory for search and rescue dogs, working dogs working in the dark, however, it is also ideal for evening walks, allowing us to monitor the movement of the dog. Diameter of the torch holder: 15-20 mm

Side bag attachment option

The side bag is available in 3- and 4-liter versions, and can be attached to larger Powerharnesses of sizes 0-4. From 2013 a smaller IDC® universal side bag was introduced, with a volume of 250 cm3 it is excellent for carrying all personal documents, vaccination records, a telephone and treats.

Breathable, skin-friendly lining

ECO-texUnduly little attention is paid to this excellent property of the harness. The OEKO-TEX® clothing material and the related strict standards are applied in the production of products intended for human use.

Available with a safety fastener (for black harnesses)

A hook & loop attachable safety strap fastener was developed by Julius-K9® in 2004 especially for service dogs. This practical accessory increases the loadability of the buckle of the belly strap by about 60 kg. It ensures the usability of the harness if the buckle gets damaged (chewed). In 2013 it was added to the official service dog harness of police dog units in London. Code: 16IDC-P[size]+

Popular colors

Please note! Shade of colours can be different on images and on real products, due to PC displays and manufacturing features.

Size chart

Harness sizeChest circumferenceWeight of the dog
Baby129 - 36 cm / 11.5 - 14 in0,8 - 3 kg / 2 - 6,5 lbs
Baby233 - 45 cm / 13 - 17.5 in2 - 5 kg / 4,5 - 11 lbs
Mini-Mini40 - 53 cm / 15.5 - 20.5 in4 - 7 kg / 9 - 15,5 lbs
Mini49 - 67 cm / 20 - 26.5 in 7 - 15 kg / 15,5 - 33 lbs
058 - 76 cm / 23 - 30 in14 - 25 kg / 31 - 55 lbs
163 - 85 cm / 26 - 33.5 in 23 - 30 kg / 50,5 - 66 lbs
271 - 96 cm / 28 - 37.5 in28 - 40 kg / 61,5 - 88 lbs
382 - 115 cm / 32.5 - 46.5 in 40 - 70 kg / 88 - 154 lbs
496 - 138 cm / 38 - 54.5 in70 - 90 kg / 154 - 198 lbs

Product code: 16IDC-[color code]-[size]

  1. basic code to IDC® Powerharnesses: 16IDC
  2. after a hyphen the color code (e.g. pink = PN)
  3. after a hyphen the size code (e.g. size 0 = 0)

For example: IDC-Powerharness, pink, size 1: 16IDC-PN-1

Washing and storage instructions

Do not Machine wash! Hand wash. Maximum temperature 40°C or 105°F. Wash separately!


  • hand_wash Hand wash
  • do_not_bleach Do not bleach
  • do_not_iron Do not iron
  • do_not_dry_clean Do not dry clean
  • do_not_tumble_dry Do not tumble dry

Patent office registration number

U09 00241
U10 00002

Registered Community Design

Product Test

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