The IDC® Duo-Flex® smart dog harness

The JULIUS-K9® IDC® Duo-Flex® dog harness is the unique innovation of 2017.
The Duo-Flex® is the first dog harness in the world that has been developed with a focus on eliminating the adverse effects on the health of the person holding the leash, in addition to providing maximum comfort for the dog.

The USE of the Duo-Flex® dog harness is also more gentle on the hand and the shoulder of the person holding the leash, as walking the dog on a leash puts additional burden on the joints, causing pain or slowing the healing of injuries. These effects are collectively referred to as the hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). Reducing the vibration load is also essential for the dog led on a leash.

Improvements of the IDC® Duo-Flex® dog harness

The Duo-Flex® elastic chest strap design serves to eliminate the adverse effects of the micro-vibrations acting on the dog when led on a leash, while it follows every move of the dog and the leash.

During movement the chest strap and the Duo-Flex® chest pad are held tightly on the chest of the dog, making the dog harness more comfortable and safe.

DUO-FLEX® = A further development of the well-known IDC® dog harness (2010)

1. Reflective, tricoloured edging
2. Edgings and side labels glowing in the dark
3. Breathable lining, water- and moisture-repellent inner foam
4. Water-repellent outer materials
5. Buckle unbreakable down to -30 °C
6. Elastic handle closing and torch holder elements (from size 0 to size 3)
7. Replaceable DUO-FLEX® chest pad
8. Fully replaceable chest strap
9. A hook & loop fastener label field on the chest strap
10. DUO-FLEX® elastic portions on both sides of the chest strap to dampen the micro-vibrations

Special thanks to those doctors who in researching and treating Raynaud’s syndrome, Carpal tunnel syndrome and diseases involving inflammation of the tendons, provided indispensable support for the development of the Duo-Flex® dog harness.

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Replaceable side labels

All of our dog harnesses come with replaceable JULIUS-K9® side labels,

Velcro attachable to the sides of the dog harness.

There are more than 1000 other labels on stock to choose from,

which can be funny, can refer to the nature of the dog, or can be a distinguishing mark for working dogs.


Unique side labels

If You do not find a suitable side label in our stock, You can order a unique one as well.

Tested quality

The harnesses were subjected to an independent, certified quality test (Crash-test). The product achieved a tensile strength of 300 kg, then the buckle opened, but the harness did not break.

Closable handle

When the dog is walked without a leash, the handle on the top of the dog harness is of great service. It allows the dog to be held quickly. The handle was improved to make it closable together with the central ring by means of a strap. This way it can be prevented from getting caught accidentally by twigs, protruding objects.

Side bag attachment option

The side bag is available in 3- and 4-liter versions. From 2013 a smaller IDC® universal side bag was introduced, with a volume of 250 cm3 it is excellent for carrying all personal documents, vaccination records, a telephone and treats.

Breathable, skin-friendly lining

Unduly little attention is paid to this excellent property of the harness. The OEKO-TEX® clothing material and the related strict standards are applied in the production of products intended for human use.

Technical information

Size chart

Harness sizeChest circumferenceWeight of the dog
058 - 76 cm / 23 - 30 in14 - 25 kg / 31 - 55 lbs
163 - 85 cm / 26 - 33.5 in 23 - 30 kg / 50,5 - 66 lbs
271 - 96 cm / 28 - 37.5 in28 - 40 kg / 61,5 - 88 lbs
382 - 115 cm / 32.5 - 46.5 in 40 - 70 kg / 88 - 154 lbs
496 - 138 cm / 38 - 54.5 in70 - 90 kg / 154 - 198 lbs

Product code:

16IDC-DUO-[color code]-[size]

  1. basic code to IDC® Duo-Flex harnesses: 16IDC-DUO
  2. after a hyphen the color code (e.g. red = R)
  3. after a hyphen the size code (e.g. size 1 = 1)

For example: IDC® Duo-Flex® harness, red, size 1: 16IDC-R-1

Available colors:

Washing and storage instructions

Do not Machine wash! Hand wash. Maximum temperature 40°C or 105°F. Wash separately!


  • hand_wash Hand wash
  • do_not_bleach Do not bleach
  • do_not_iron Do not iron
  • do_not_dry_clean Do not dry clean
  • do_not_tumble_dry Do not tumble dry

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Product test

The quality control of the materials and of the products is made by