From an improved strap material,

available in four color combinations





IDC® strap harness, leash and collar set

Two types of materials in harmony


The leash is made of a rubberized strap

It is a synthetic leash with rubber threads woven into it. A durable fabric pleasant to the touch, the rubber threads woven into its surface ensure the grip necessary for leading the dog.


The material of the collar and the harness does not irritate the fur of the dog

In appearance it harmonizes with the color rubber leashes, but it does not stick to the fur of the dog, as the thin rubber threads are replaced with polyester in the collar and the harness.


Perfect ergonomics

harness-ergonomicThanks to a major development of the IDC® harnesses, the line of force created by the tension in the leash continues in the chest strap almost without a break. Here the pulling force acts not on the neck, but on the chest muscles.

Unbreakable buckle

The high quality buckles of IDC® Powerharnesses are constantly checked and tested. The trust You put in quality is rewarded especially during the winter months. They work perfectly and do not break even in freezing weather.


Replaceable side labels

There are about 1000 labels on stock to choose from. If You do not find the one best suited to Your dog, You can order a unique label as well!
The standard JULIUS-K9® label on the IDC® Powerharnesses is phosphorescent and also glows in the dark.

Velcro closable handle

The handle on the strap harnesses can be closed in one move by means of Velcro, thus excluding the possibility of getting caught when the dog is running free.

IDC® Color&Gray leash

A secure grip in water and rain

A synthetic leash with rubber threads woven into it

A durable fabric pleasant to the touch, the rubber threads woven into its surface ensure the grip necessary for leading the dog. Thanks to its special coating it can be used without any problems in rain and in wet environments, whether for a walk, for work or for sports.

Leashes with or without a handle

IDC® Color & Gray collars

Strong but lightweight collars fixed firmly by means of an unbreakable buckle


With handle and replaceable side labels, or without handle in several thicknesses

Talking collar

The closable handle located at the central ring allows the dog to be held firmly and lifted securely. Firm fixing is ensured by a heavy duty buckle and a safety strap fastener. The strap material of the collar is easy to clean and dimensionally stable. A Velcro surface allows the attachment of various labels – from now on Your dog can wear labels not only on the harness, but on the collar as well!

In the development of the material of the collar it was important

that it should not stick to, irritate the fur of the dog.

The rubber threads ensuring grip are

replaced with polyester in the Color & Gray collars.

Both types are available in two sizes

Sizes of collars with a handle


Sizes of collars without a handle