There are many different types of JULIUS-K9® collars with the correct properties. I hope this description help you for chooseing the correct leash

 IDC LuminoColor & GrayTubular webbingLeatherRope leash
Strong, but soft++
More colors++
IDC® Lumino Leash
This leash glows (phosphorescent) in the dark. It comes with a strong polyester strap with optimal adherence, covered with silicon-like material, tested and proven on load tests. A phosphorescent material is capable of emitting light only after exposure to light, depending on the duration and intensity of light exposure.
  • water repellent
  • easy to clean
  • disinfectable
Color & Gray Leash
Color & Gray collection – German materials Hungarian design.
This leash is made of strong textile material, pleasant to the touch. The rubber threads woven into the material ensure the optimum grip to lead the dog. It is functional even in rainy or wet conditions, for walks, sport activities and training.
The straps used for the Color and Gray collection are made in Germany.
IDC® Tubular Webbing Leash
It is important to all dog owners to have an easy to use, comfortable and practical leash. The IDC® tubular leash has all these qualities. Due to its easy to clean durable material it is a long lasting product. Great for sport activities, training and for everyday use.
It is a heavy duty leash with special fluorescent lines woven into its material. Due to this unique material, the leash doesn’t cut into the hand, not even by pressure and load caused by pulling. Tubular webbing leashes come with a metal carabiner which is easy to open, though it holds safely and reliably.
The IDC® tubular webbing leash is available in different lengths and width with or without a handle.
Fat Leather Leash
The special tanning and treatment ensures a pleasant feeling and durability of the leather. As standard, all leather leashes with brass or steel carbines are handsewn or braided, customized.
Rope Leash
Rope leashes are light, strong and comfortable for both the dog and the owner. They are strengthened with leather on the most challenged parts, for the best stability and safety. They make a good combination with any type of collar and harness. It contains fluorescent threads which give superb visibility even at night.